My background

I am a filmmaker from Bristol and after shooting and researching the Lesvos refugee subject for the first time in November 2015, I have returned to Lesvos for the third time to carry on recording people’s stories and finish the film’s post production.

Lesvos just felt like the right place to complete the film for me. In the same way everyone I meet has been inexplicably drawn here I have also been mysteriously called by the island. This campaign is to fund the final expenses of production – like travel and accommodation. We also really want to capture drone footage of the stunning island so we will need to either hire a local team or invite one onto the island.

“Island of Refuge” is an independent film telling the story of the people of Lesvos and anyone who has decided to call it ‘home’ – a beautiful island set against the backdrop of the refugee crisis. The people here have experienced truly horrific scenes, financial hardship, inspiring encounters and have also done heroic deeds too.