What is the ‘Island of Refuge’ project

"Island of Refuge" (#islandofrefuge) is an independent feature length documentary about the refugee crisis on Lesvos, in Greece. The film has a particular focus on the local people and how they have experienced and are responding to the crisis. I am also taking portrait photographs of the local people on Lesvos and these are available in limited addition in the rewards section. There will be a variety of exhibition opportunities for the film and ultimately my aim is to have "Island of Refuge" seen by as many people as possible as well as being a document summary of this island's iconic moment in history.


My aim is that “Island of Refuge” will give people a new window into a well documented crisis, focusing on small stories to show the bigger picture and in that way I believe we can raise awareness about the larger migrant issue. I would like as many people to see the film as possible and we are developing a strategy to maximize the impact that it can have.

There was a really amazing response to the trailer and last campaign – and I massively appreciate all your kind words about the film and offers to help. Please donate to the film fund if you can or show others the trailer and ask if they can help. There are a variety of rewards available again. Filmmaking always costs a lot of money but we are only looking for our expenses to be covered at this stage. There are other ways in which you can help as well. For example if you have ideas about promotion, marketing and exhibition once the film is complete then please get in touch via the Facebook page. Would love to hear from you!

We also need to shoot aerial drone footage of the island in 4K. If you have any contacts or are a drone team interested in our film please get in touch.